The Most Effective Way to Get Your Marketing Message to the Industry!


Direct2Market is a turnkey service that lets brands deliver exclusive marketing communications to a select list of industry purchasers and purchasing influencers via email. Each message is written and designed to create the strongest impact, and sent to active recipients on a date you select.


Direct2Market Builds Brands.

Startups as well as highly successful, well-established brands depend on Direct2Market to promote their products and services. To date, Direct2Market has delivered more than XXX,000 marketing messages to the mobile electronics industry. Direct2Market is used by the top brands to:

  • Announce new products
  • Generate immediate sales
  • Gain dealers
  • Invite dealers to interact
  • Bolster ad campaigns


The Industry Trusts Direct2Market.

We take painstaking care to ensure that the messaging we send to our recipients is relevant to their business and delivers honest, ethical opportunities to create new business relationships or buy products and services. When recipients see “Company Z via DirectMarket” in their email, they know it’s something of value; that’s why more than 27 percent* of our recipients—owners, managers and purchasing influencers at the retail level—participate in each Direct2Market email.

*Average open rate.


Why is Direct2Market Effective?

Think of your advertising campaign as a window to your customers. Ads are designed to let the recipient peek in on your offering, then take action to get the full result. But if your ad is on a page with several other ads and editorial, you may or may not get that peek from your prospects. And if they see the same ad repeatedly, they become “ad blind,” so after a while they ignore it altogether.

With Direct2Market, prospects don’t get a peek; they get the whole view! From the second the email is opened, recipients see and experience only your content, and absorb the entirety of your message. This means they are more prepared and encouraged to take immediate action.


Proactive Performance Monitoring

Direct2Market uses industry leading software and services to ensure we achieve the highest deliverability possible. This means that brands receive accurate data on opens, clicks and other actions taken so they can measure performance and realize the most efficient ROI.


A Partner to Your Advertising

Direct2Market is the perfect companion to your advertising efforts. While ads deliver brand long-term brand impressions, DirectMarket adds “quick burst” impact that kicks off campaigns and encourages users to take action. And because it contains detailed information on your products or services, your Direct2Market email also serves as a landing page to which your banner ads, Facebook advertising or Google AdWords can be linked.